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For now, just email us a brief application video to
We want to hear your favorite joke, why you're Catholic, and why you want to join Thomas Cross Missions. 
Any Questions: Call/text Tim Schosser at 859-536-4648


-You must between 21 and 30 years of age.

-You must be a practicing Catholic in good standing with a desire to grow in your faith, and a passion for youth ministry.
-You must be willing and able to live and pray in community with other adults.
-You must be a college graduate with a bachelor's degree.

-You must be willing to commit to a 1-year program of formation, education, and parish leadership.

-You must be willing to personally fundraise $6000 to cover a portion of your expenses.

-You must have excellent leadership and time-management skills.
-You must be friendly, outgoing, and comfortable talking with teens and people you don’t know both in person and on the phone.

-You must pass a criminal background check and comply with parish/diocesan safe environment policies.



Missionaries live in community with other missionaries in Mt. Sterling, Ky. They follow a daily routine of prayer and formation. Each missionary is assigned to either a parish or a school to serve as a youth minister or teacher. Missionaries may choose if they wish to serve as  a youth minister at a nearby parish or as a teacher at St. Agatha Academy. Missionaries are expected to spend time each week studying as they earn their master's degree in Theology or Education. In addition, missionaries are required to follow appropriate behavioral expectations, and participate in a two-week training and orientation period, as well as two silent retreats throughout the year (one week-long, and one weekend).


Missionaries are expected to work up to 50 hours per week as well as following a daily prayer life and formation program. These hours may include:
    -For youth ministry missionaries:
           - Organizing and leading the parish youth group and other youth activities.
           - Organizing and leading youth retreats.
           - Evangelization in the parish and in diocesan and public schools.
           - Summer service trips.
           - Office Hours.

    -For teacher missionaries:

           -Working with students in K-8 grade depending on the preference of the missionary

           -Teaching a class in a subject agreed upon by the school and the missionary.

           -Serving as a teacher's aide

           -Grading assignments, making lesson plans, and maintaining a curriculum.

           -Chaperoning recess and lunch periods

           -Serving as an advisor for after school activities or coaching a sport



All Missionaries will:
     -Receive a full tuition and books scholarship for a Master's Degree in Education or Theology from Saint Joseph's         College of Maine.

     -Earn real life experience in Catholic Education and Youth Ministry.
     -Be provided with all living expenses including housing, a vehicle (including gas and car insurance), a cell-phone,           monthly 
groceries/household goods, healthcare via Kentucky medicaid and a $100 personal stipend. 
     -Gain experience in leadership, interpersonal communication, public speaking, and time management.
     -Receive monthly spiritual direction and enjoy a communal prayer life.