1.  Grow in your faith.    2. Lead teens closer to Christ     3. Earn $3,000 for college

8 Hours per week can change your life.


College Interns begin their parish assignments on September 1st. Internships conclude on May 10th with the Thomas Cross Banquet.


    -You must be 18 years of age or older

    -You Must be a practicing Catholic in good standing with a desire to grow in your faith and lead others closer to Christ.
    -You must be free to attend weekend mass, youth group, and weekly team formation
    -You must have your own means of transportation to and from your assigned parish
    -You must be currently enrolled in college.
    -You must be friendly, outgoing, and comfortable talking with teens and people you don’t know both in person and on the phone.

    -You must pass a criminal background check and comply with parish/diocesan safe environment policies.




Interns are expected to work 8 hours per week. These hours are divided up as follows.
    -2.5 hours for weekly youth group
    -2 hour weekly team formation meeting with the Director of Formation at The Cathedral of Christ the King.
    -1.5 hours attending a weekend mass at your assigned parish, arriving early and staying late.
    -2 discretionary hours for phone calls, special events, school lunches, etc…
    -Interns are strongly encouraged to assist with either the High School retreat in February or the Middle School Retreat in March.


Discretionary hours:  Youth ministry is all about flexibility so every intern has two hours a week that they spend doing whatever they feel will best serve to reach out to the teens of the parish. This may include, but is not limited to: making phone calls, attending youth activities, attending school lunches, making flyers, or attending special events. For accountability purposes, interns will be expected to share how they are spending their discretionary hours during weekly team formation meetings. Especially at the beginning, interns will receive some direction from the formation director regarding how they should be using their discretionary hours for the upcoming week.

One of the most important, yet challenging aspects of youth ministry is evangelization. The task of evangelization isn't about having the best speakers and   the coolest fliers. At Thomas Cross Missions, we believe in intentional, relational discipleship. Evangelizing in youth ministry means building personal relationships with teenagers and walking with them in their faith. Our Missionary Interns' primary task is to take charge of the youth evangelization efforts at their assigned parish. This may mean but is not limited to:
    -Speaking to teens and their families individually at the weekend masses
    -Cold-calling teens and their families to invite them to youth group
    -Work on building personal relationships with teens via one-on-one/small group meetings, attending sports events, plays, etc…
    -Putting together mass mailings
    -Having lunch with teens at their parish school
    -Designing flyers to hand out to teens
    -Keeping teens updated via Remind, our group texting app
    -Inviting teens to and attending special events
    -Taking pictures at youth group for use on social media and the parish website


Assist in the production of Youth Group each week including:
    -Arrive 15 minutes before and stay 15 minutes after
    -Assist with set up and clean up
    -Prepare and lead the games, small group, and prayer portions of youth group
    -Devote yourself during youth group to participating and talking with the teens


Interns are required to attend weekly formation meetings led by the director of formation. These meetings are designed to give our missionaries the opportunity to come together in prayer, collaborate with one another in planning games and activities for parish ministry, and build fellowship between missionaries. Time will also be set aside for each missionary to meet one-on-one with the formation director in order to check-in and share any personal or pastoral concerns.


     -Interns will receive a $3,000 college scholarship dispersed in $1,000 increments on October 1st, January 1st, and May 1st.
     -Interns will learn the fundamentals of Catholic youth ministry with a special emphasis in evangelization.
     -Interns will have the opportunity to grow in their relationship with Christ
     -Interns will gain experience in leadership, interpersonal communication, public speaking, and time management.