Thomas Cross Missions is a Roman Catholic missionary organization committed to the evangelization of Lexington and eastern Kentucky.

The Heart of Thomas Cross:

  • We provide parishes with an affordable option for evangelizing teens in their parish and towns.

  • We evangelize teens by reaching out to them personally in the pews and in their schools

  • we are an advocate for the teens and youth ministry programs in the parishes we serve.

  • we form missionaries in their own relationship with Christ and train them to be dynamic and engaging youth ministers

  • We provide for all the living expenses of our missionaries including a masters degree in theology from St. Meinrad seminary and school of theology

The St. Paul Method

Our missionaries use the St. Paul Method to pay for their expenses rather than doing personal fundraising. just as st.paul built tents to fund his ministry, our missionaries serve as substitute teachers in the local catholic schools and that money goes directly to thomas cross missions to cover their expenses. thanks to the use of the st. paul method, thomas cross missions only needs nine people donating $100 a month to fund a missionary for a parish. 

What we do

Thomas Cross Missions is a non-profit organization created to serve parishes within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lexington. Our mission is the evangelization of lexington and eastern Kentucky. We do this by bringing professional quality, affordable youth ministry to parishes. We provide parishes with trained Missionaries supported by our senior leadership staff. These Missionaries serve as the full-time youth ministers of their parish. They organize and implement a parish's youth program. This includes leading youth groups, organizing social and service events, and taking teens on retreats and diocesan events. But most importantly it means evangelizing teens. our missionaries do not sit in an office. they go out into the pews and the public schools to bring christ into the daily lives of their students.  

Our Formation Program

Thomas Cross missions was founded by former seminarians so we've based our Missionary formation program on the same four pillars of Priestly formation that seminaries use: Human, spiritual, academic, and pastoral. For human formation our missionaries live in community, exercise, explore the creative arts, and set goals for personal growth. Spiritual formation is done via spiritual direction at St. Meinrad, annual silent retreats, Daily Mass, Liturgy of the hours, and a weekly holy Hour. Academic Formation is focused on the attainment of their Masters in Theology at St. Meinrad. Pastoral formation is accomplished through a two week intensive youth ministry boot camp, weekly 2 hour youth ministry training, and attending a national youth ministry training conference.